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Fay Maschler - Evening Standard 

“No fanfare, no ego, no pretension, just saying, ‘This is what we do...’ 

Jay Rayner - The Observer 

'...simply the best steak tartare I have ever tried' 

Tim Hayward - The Guardian

'It’s a ludicrous display of Edwardian tableside theatre..' 

Tom Parker Bowles - Mail on Sunday

'Bravo, Otto! It's a classique: Nouvelle cuisine-free French cooking from the ancien regime... formidable!'

Thomas Page CNN - Dine macabre: When Blood's on the menu

'While the culinary world has come back around to the idea of nose-to-tail cooking, Tepasse never left.' 

Fay Maschler's 50 Favourite Restaurants in London

'It is old school; it is heaven — where kitsch meets a deeply serious kitchen.'   

Harden's Guide 2016

“..the Canard à la Presse helped me find god!” 

Matthew Bell- The Independent

'As that simmers he serves me the lobster claw, smearing a tin of caviar all over it. Scrambled eggs come in a shallow mother-of-pearl oyster dish. A bottle of flinty Meursault has been opened, and suddenly everything seems right with the world.' 

The Observer Food Magazine

'...a place for old-school pampering'


Pressed Duck - Pressed Lobster - Bresse Chicken

Otto's French Restaurant

182 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8EW

+44 (0)20 7713 0107

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Restaurant open for Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 

Restaurant open for Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday

Available for Private Hire: Monday - Sunday

We are open on Mondays (Lunch & Dinner) during December