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Poularde de Bresse


Poularde de Bresse Rôtie

Whole Roasted Bresse Chicken 

One Chicken, Two Guests, Two Courses – £110

Please ask about availability, this product does not require pre-booking but is limited


Poularde de Bresse Demi-Deuil en Vessie

Recette de Mère Brazier et Paul Bocuse

Whole 3 ½ Hour Slow Poached Bresse Chicken

One Chicken, Two Guests, Two Courses – £140

Pre-Booking Essential, Strictly Limited

Click Here for Information on the Chicken in "Half-Mourning" for 8-12 Guests 



Since 1957, Bresse Chickens are fiercely protected under French and European law by the status of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée and are highly valued for their gamey depths of flavour yet fine tender flesh and delicious aromas.

At Otto's we only buy female chickens: harder to source but superior in taste. These wondrous and marvellous creations are ideally enjoyed by two.

We serve it in two ways: whole roasted or slow poached in a pig’s bladder following a classic Lyon recipe from Mère Brazier and Paul Bocuse.


Please note that card details are required when booking the Bresse Chicken

Your card will not be charged unless you do not honour the booking or if you cancel with less that 1 weelk's notice when a charge of £50 per person will be applicable